December 14, 2017

What happens when we die

April 29, 2006

Lord that I love so much, Jesus who loves me more may Mason direct me and till me what happens when we die....

Famously written words that blend sugar and spice and all that's nice does start the tale for thee. Branded treasure awaken the Nile, lights bright to comfort thee onto the journey of the next sphere. Tempt less and less to stay in storage but let free the spirit bring thee to heavens door. Open homage with little delay but like a small stick that pricks you. Mention a guest for fewer questions than wants. Glide along the path with the entrance ahead. Make these note clear to all, the way is natural however relic the way beyond sunset or elsewhere. Never part just depart brings you where one needs to be at appointed time. Like living in stone then crush no loss to fracture ways of necessity. Carry blameless ones dear to heart to hold without the thoughts of past to relinquish upsets instability. Pardon brushes of fabric that tear apart for they are doomed a portion of the lights edge. Best to break through at once. Masses always enter so not to fear or why or when for this is one glory unknown till the time arrives. Be assured less see ways of hindrance than run ahead. Think blessing and life now for natural ways takes the steps, not thee. Ponder no more of end or whys but live and boast of today. Be gladdance for pleasures now then deal with heaven then. Time is set in all occasions, think not less of anything else even when you doubt all is in accordance.

General Guidance

April 27, 2006

Oh Lord that I love so much, Jesus who loves me more may Mason Direct me now....

Simpleton lively on occasion bursts of projects, come mark life's treasures true under rays of blooming wellness. Care for much of curved blended times, senses all that brings well wishes abroad. Times narrow on the occasion least bit for one's sake but practice that which you already know. Try sinking ways to freight trains of Netherlands for less pleasure. Bringer of news welcome. Mark dates to know such fringes, lesson nuclear stages of offense caused break, more news to come without the package of life's mistakes too. Find many duel of enchanted blessing for thee. Caused for shaking up tomorrows bending fall. Caress and kindness welcomed to hear cause, with farms tender for market. Branded lesson all ways of destruction and burden is all of the ways to follow, all should know their place. Blanket much goings on for peace later, don't fright of the word we know, but make terror kneel before us with help of mankind. Why waste days ahead when little rest with ease making all tremble. Shame exists with all so perfection lacks it's stand. Market the well framed peace rather than negative force that exists amongst all who do not heed the blessings of knights. Frail the bandage that works more for the glory of the kingdom until it needs less aid from those givers of loves embrace of light. Blessing can be found everywhere one seeks.

Worries and Money in 2006

April 21, 2006
Oh Lord that I love, Jesus who loves me more. I give Thanks and ask if Mason may direct me now on money and worries and concerns?

Solvent one without the dubious mask of life shall many things be brought upon your table. Least known of where and why's but assured of peace. Let Miracles? lead you where one needs to go to be forthright in hands made perfect. Well to wish many things without pardoned breath to cares sake. Take lots of own self to where desired when appropriate direction is told. Fearless journey without crazy intent but that which will put harness of many ongoings. Brilliance lights up more shoulders to dwell and be known all in good time, never fails at the door one goes. Bringer of pottery and brand names that mark resolution of many things up most belonging to the ways of ill barrier. Kindness prevails always with love and beauty sought. Cry not for any losses, all brings perfection anyways. Shout at the last tender mile one must cross successfully upon the very intention. Waves still there, blind corners need cement of sorts. Gather many fearless friendships on way. Carter the means to progress so fear and doubt not but be still for now. Sense of litigation in a favor of needs met. Brought about for the day one waits until rest began new stages. Flounder nothing but life's wants and assure the best place comes. Arrive with meaning of the day. 
Blessings are but best for you and yours.

Solvent one without the dubious mask of life: People wear masks to hide their true selves, I do not. 
Carter the means to progress: Carter is to push a cart indicating push on to progress.
Does not indicate ease or major issues regarding money.