October 14, 2017

More on Earthquake, also a epidemic

Sept 2, 2006

Oh Lord who I love so much, Jesus whom loves me more may Mason detail more about the great earthquake of California and if there is a flu or epidemic coming...

Oh glorious soul child of ours, a pleasure always about thee with you. Managing well beside the grain of duties before thee. Planting seeds is wise and sure, make notes well of all said today. Counter many incidences unfolding with truthful light of love intended even if wishes all could change. Burden of world are necessary so fear not of these things. Comfort lies with this knowledge. Shuffle many expectants always. Farmers daughter rest not beneath the place chosen of fields, for soon crystals of light band together with unusual force beneath thee. Famous being literature of brands telling tales forever. Moment of events bring weary suttle minds into play, more actively as intended. In other words for all to wake up at once. Well needed and favored. Creation manages this with full birth of force in instance. Carbon rises for well before making stench. Ask soon and then be sure. Frantic girl will call soon enough. Channel all wanted as is easy to do and worthwhile. Camp David flys less activity of meaning. Capture moments to bare as witness to us. Climb forth with all one motivates also.
Panic will find way to ends of earth with flu assured. Rest easy as brilliance is not the reason. Forget what one knows and foster others in duty during time of  Humphreys dig. Fallen Angel repents little by way of advice and seeks near endangered species. Compare a lot made for only one. Care little of such a fight yet. Activity only shimmers in dull distance but wrath comes alongside. Fear not child just work and play. Side a brush with coming event with courage to prove thou value. Impeach what ought to have been for clearer ways later. Candles lit tell tale without much focus. Keep us close and will do little to let one down or release any such pains if possible.
Blessings come round again. Night.

September 09, 2017

Easter Sunday

April 15, 2006

Oh Lord whom I love so much, Jesus who loves me more may Mason direct me now and tell me of your Crucifixion....

Long ago when worlds were young, try to imagine life. Beauty with upset of natural sorts causes of emotion blanket the land. Christ comes with love but blackness returned. Temptation did which while bountiful knowledge grew limiting no one offered of sacred tribes. Rejection is needed and necessary but wholly beloved merciful times. Cares listen when heaven opens for to bring light in its place. Shadows existed while the night grew. Alls quiet at once. Many heard afar nothing. Stress all bending open at the moment of necessary rains causing traumatic life force to suffer unlike known to man. Imitation made but barely scratch degree of pain and suffering. Please acknowledge this most with pride run into madness. The sinners block set into motion. All things good and permanent, with valleys of music, understood. Cares will be forever and longing still with blinds unfolded towards sight needed.
Thank the heavens now and then forever. Part not the ways of glory which took thee upon the bosom of one's chest to hold and love. Sing proudly of glories namesake for that which is not forgotten ever, and never doubt one time to the end of Earths realm. No man understands completely the ways of that time past. Never allow burdens sorted about plague thee, for knowledge is bound to come upon all through these things endured. Peace and love are all about thee with such recommendations one can not begin to uphold. Believe in all things great and good in order to pass this trial set upon us.
Come to see and watch once more in a different mode of life. Ground yourself to light now while the chance and opportunity still exist. Light fires that cause fierce noises of interest from all, so not to speak in ill manner. Plan sectors one day that creates the best world now. Blessings ground us all well.

August 26, 2017

Events in the world

May 6, 2010
Oh Lord who I love so much, Jesus who loves me more, may Mason, if willing guide me now on current events in the world...

Shine most often, knowledge brings up that which is well intended for thee to share. Make way to the wonders of such magical times such as these that wander through the end with matches, which need imagery to seek always. Throw aside that made for beliefs for uncertain moments that come. Manage less fears for that which must play out for greater good. Seems less in tune for which is already bringing poorer results than anticipated along route designed when world was only knowing of singular manner.
Sense that which one shouldn't live to see with out a will power. Take mention that love and grace coming with all branches. Enabled with point, Shakespeare illustrates much passion.
Blessings a joy to give with all in mind tonight.