October 05, 2016

General Guidance

Oct 4, 2016
Oh Lord who I love so much, Jesus, who loves me more, may Mason guide me now and accept my apologies for not being consistent...

Try to see that which is of boundless adventures to know well. Thanks are accepted before asked. Sounds may wave through that known to thee with loving embrace. Assured that mentioned does bring much with binding cares. One told for much to concern the lasting measure when one wishes to question the means of arrival. Count now the days until we will assure you of all those things you can find able without any such losses one imagines will come. Seek the success you desire, plentiful when found.
Do not frown but lift upward towards stars always. Count again the things you seek. Open eyes to see beyond the mask of troubles, never see that only brought to meaningless ventures and sorrow. Kind will seek the moors of entrapment when not looking. Care about these matters of importance, not frivolous plays so many do. Be of good spirit always. Share love, for all, has meaning above, not to ponder but carry always.
Bless always amongst the righteous and shown ones love today. Frett not, for the best, is with many means of courtesy. We will and do love thee so much that worries should stay elsewhere. Loving embrace do comfort thee unaware many times over. Remain diligent in the very circle of duties one possesses, love brought in abundance thereof.
Do not frown but lift upward towards stars always: Smile always
Moors : A member of a Northwestern African Muslim people of mixed Berber and Arab descent.
Kind: A group of people or things having similar characteristics.
I am not sure of how to interpret this. Are they indicating a group of people is seeking these Muslims behind the scenes? To be more concerned with these types of worries than everyday situations?

We will and do love thee so much that worries should stay elsewhere. Loving embrace do comfort thee unaware many times over: I need not worry because they are aiding me out of love. That they have comforted me without my knowing it.

October 01, 2016

The Big California Earthquake

Aug 29, 2006
Oh Lord I love so much, Jesus who loves me more, may Mason tell me the date and time of the Big Earthquake of California coming?

May I have but a moment to reflect that one so fair of heart should promise little of these times to acknowledge us with kindness and mercy and willingness to aid you. Many thanks go forth and return as well.
Shine on with this openness of love and concern beheld up before thee. Listen only to the winds of Summer that pass silently with effort or experience. Shall forth come soon in time with willows bare and fruits unable. Beneath with wails of terror does this pass into the night bravely without warning. Canvas the main idea of tangible ways to break the tension that exists currently. Bow before God at that moment when thousands flee hopelessly. We do love all but necessity is forthcoming and with little warning. Branch outward to places unforeseen and within boundaries of charmer places.
Count days misplaced under siege when looking for the right time. Find the wells dry and October sun hidden moments prior to embellished time creating a major signal for the stars to act currently. Harvest of bread and meals for more closer moments. Numbers game feels towards the 10th of any Wednesday morning between now and then. Claim that with a motion picture debut of something, will make noise while watching feature events painlessly. Sort the days till then with care and do not think of more to do than wait.
Panic stricken's our consciousness and it best held at bay. This year is certain to allow more static of places that represents that which is in awe. Mountains will move soon, so prepare the battle of nature's walk, for hiding love can ignite much and replace fear with stones. Bountiful harvesting no more soon. Praise almighty while one can or watch the demise coming. Shine leaves that come at that time of condition and erratic behavior. Lesson learned unless one chooses not to care. Therefore it comes now. Blessings far away and on.

1 Trees bare
2 Happens in the night time/Dawn
3 Misplaced time?
4 Drought
5 Little warning
6 Spreads over land indicating not a small area
7 October Sun hidden (Cloudy day or eclipse in Oct.?)
8 Harvest Time
9 10th of any Wednesday (October on a Wednesday?)
10 Motion picture debut (Comedy?)
11 Indicate a lack of Love and praise of God is the reason for it!
12 Changing of Leaves 

August 08, 2016

Can we speak to passed loved ones?

March 20, 2006
Oh Lord that I love, Jesus, who loves me more may Mason direct me now and include if we can correspond with past loved ones.....

Brightness lights dark sojourn upward for heaven's light be it's true truth told along the path when many strange unusual needs are met through troubled times. Ways expressed and known beneath ways. Carry blindness ahead of the sight sought. Margin errors accidentally without words to speak. Find, listen, believe and frown upon only the grave. Bring with you things worth marking high and bright, less the motion of frantic ways. Some melodies perfection measures up or ahead of other listful motions of torrential means. Marks also with favorite blessings of right hand.
Jean will be sure of plans made. Never forgotten either by wendst one goes or follows. Care for all in making the circle back upon measures of loving embrace with thee. Find more of heart and kindness lived on through mentioned name for will power. Shine as much, for she is told of goodness and blessing found. No one listens less than the one who is told to surrender, but not from being without do we fear him. Cases will mention more from behind than others intend. Pardon that which is more for self-indulgence or else move in circles of strain.
Pray for salvation to hear of the goodness received, bend without movement and bellow without sound to know how to profit from the name given. Everyone expects more than received so loss is greater than gain. Tell tales to fulfill history with lessons yet learned. Notice all who have given something without asking and try to be just that. Care more without the expertise of the bringer of love and life. Just forget past mistakes with the heart of a lion for salvation of all ones being surrender yet a muscle or two for this kind of gain of will.
Blessed are those that be right in all one's sight forever more. Amen.

I find that this describes how to accomplish it and even mentions my Aunt Jean who is passed. Saying Amen in the end leads me to believe there is a prayer in this as well.